What's Happening in Stephens City

Upcoming Events and Meetings:


  • Nov 3 Town Council 7:30pm
  • Nov 10 Personnel Comm 5pm
  • Nov 11 Office Closed
  • Nov 13 Planning Retreat 5pm
  • Nov 17 HPC Meeting 5pm
  • Nov 18 Public Works Comm 4:30pm
  • Nov 18 Water & Sewer Comm 5:30pm
  • Nov 19 NHF Meeting 7:15pm
  • Nov 23 Parks & Rec Comm 5pm
  • Nov 24 Planning Comm 7:30pm
  • Nov 25 Finance Comm 4pm
  • Nov 26 & 27 Public Safety Comm 5pm


  • Sept 1 Town Council 7:30pm
  • Sept 7 Labor Day Office Closed
  • Sept 8 Personnel Comm 5pm
  • Sept 15 HPC Meeting 5pm
  • Sept 16 Public Works Comm 4:30pm
  • Sept 16 Water & Sewer Comm 5:30pm
  • Sept 17 NHF Meeting 7:15pm
  • Sept 23 Finance Comm 4pm
  • Sept 24 Public Safety Comm 5pm
  • Sept 28 Parks & Rec Comm 5pm
  • Sept 29 Planning Comm 7:30pm

Message from the Mayor:

Welcome to Stephens City, a unique little town situated at the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley between the beautiful Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains. Steeped in history, we have maintained a small town atmosphere even though there is growth all around us. We have managed to grow ourselves but we have a vision and a plan as to how to maintain our small town atmosphere while offering residents all the comforts and amenities the future has to offer.

A friendly smile and warm greeting await you.  We hope to see you soon.

Mike Grim













Stephens City is now hiring for the poisition of Town Treasurer