Town Clerk - Dianne L. MacMillan, CMC


The Town Clerk serves as liaison between the Town Council and the general public. As an appointee of the Town Council, the Clerk is responsible for creating and preserving the public record and ensuring that information on local government activities is made available to citizens upon request. The Town Clerk will provide reasonable assistance to persons affected by the provisions of the Town Code, other ordinances or resolutions of the Town Council and to persons seeking to do business with and within the Town. The Clerk's office supports an open, accessible government that provides a communication link between the citizens and the local governing body.


Diane MacMillan Town ClerkDianne MacMillan has served as Town Clerk since August of 2007 and brings fifteen years of experience in this position to the office. She is a graduate of George Mason University and earned the designation of Certified Municipal Clerk through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. She plans to work with the Town Council and the citizens to find ways to meet the changing needs of the community.